“Draw the dragons, dot the eyes”

There are old tales of a talented man, one who could draw dragons like no other. So many emotions and precision went into his paintings that everyone was impressed. However, there was always one thing that left each person confused. The pupils of the dragons were always left out.

He was questioned many times but each time he would answer with that the eyes hold the essence of life. If they were drawn then the paintings would come to life and all the beautiful dragons would fly away. No one believed him and so soon he finished a couple with eyes. With a crash and a bang, they came to life and in a dazzling display of fire they swept away in the day’s sky.

We dot the eyes of our dragons each year as our way of bringing them alive. The dot resembles the essence of the dragons, so when dotted it allows them to join and sail with our paddlers.

China Daily reported on this meaningful ceremony, capturing a perfect picture of the doting. Read more here.

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