Each year it takes hundreds of volunteers in various positions to make the festival a success.  Please use the below list of those areas and their descriptions to help you choose the volunteer area that is best for you.

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Your guide to life as a Ice Dragon Boat volunteer!

The world’s largest ice dragon boat festival takes place on the Rideau Canal Skateway and is featured as part of the annual Winterlude celebration. (read more)

Welcome to the Volunteer Team for the 2021 BeaverTails Ottawa Ice Dragon Boat Festival!  In its 5th year, this festival continues to grow, and it is volunteers like you that help makes it a fun and successful event.  We look forward to spending the weekend working together, making new friends, and having a lot of fun! Thank you for your dedication and contribution towards making your BeaverTails Ottawa Ice Dragon Boat Festival possible.

Antony Cooper – Director of Operations on behalf of Volunteer Services and the entire staff at the Ottawa Ice Dragon Boat Festival


Our Commitment to You:

We recognize that as a volunteer you are one of the most important elements in building a fantastic festival. We strive to ensure that your experience will be fun and enjoyable, and will respect you as a valuable member of the BeaverTails Ottawa Ice Dragon Boat Festival team.  Together we will celebrate the delivery of a continued successful event!


Your Commitment to Us:

To behave with courtesy, professionalism and in a respectful, polite and responsible manner to our festival guests, staff and co-volunteers, both on and off shifts.  To fulfill your shift commitments and carry out your duties to the best of your ability.  To have a whole lot of fun!!!

Mandatory Orientation Night: 6:00 PM Thursday, February 18th, 2021 @ Dows Lake Pavilion.
You will meet your Volunteer Leader, your co-volunteers, understand your role, pick up your volunteer package, and tour the festival grounds.

Festival Dates:  Visit the festival schedule for times and dates.

Appreciation Party:  Date: TBD.
As a way to thank you for your participation join us for snacks and drinks. Volunteers of all ages are welcome, however, ID is required for the bar.

Volunteer Shifts:  Each volunteer will select areas to volunteer with, and commit to a minimum of 2 shifts. Most shifts are a duration of 4 hours, but shift times may vary.  After completing the application form through our registration system and selecting your availability, you will receive a follow-up email confirming your exact shift dates and times.

Shift Cancellations:  If you have an emergency situation and you need to cancel your shift, you must make those changes to your online itinerary before noon on February 1st, 2020. If you are unable to attend a shift once the festival is in progress, you must notify your Volunteer Coordinator immediately. If you cannot reach them, please email the Volunteer Coordinator at: volunteer@dragonboat.net and include your name, shift details, shift time, and the reason for canceling.

Check-in:  Check-in at the volunteer village located in Dows Lake Pavilion. We recommend that volunteers check 15 minutes prior to the start of your shift.  This allows enough time to familiarize yourself with the site, register and sign-in with your Volunteer Leader, and be sure of your responsibilities.

Youth 14 – 17:  Volunteers between the ages of 14 to 17 must submit a Volunteer Waiver form with the Parent/Guardian section completed and signed.  The waiver can be downloaded from the registration form and should be uploaded to the form once completed. The waiver can also be emailed to volunteer@dragonboat.net .

Check out:  All volunteers must communicate with their Volunteer Leader when their shift is finished. Volunteers then check out with them at the conclusion of their shift. Volunteers that do not sign off with their Volunteer Leader will be assumed to have not successfully completed their shift.  If you need Volunteer Hour sheets to be signed, please bring your volunteer forms with you on a daily basis for your Volunteer Leader to sign after each shift.  Do not wait until the last day, or after the festival ends.

Dress Code:  All volunteers will be issued a festival volunteer vest at the beginning of their first shift.  This is your uniform and you are expected to wear it during your shift.  Please do not wear your uniform when you are off duty.  You are not permitted to modify, redesign or mutilate your vest in any way. Vests must be returned after each shift.

Weather:  Please come prepared for all types of weather.

Personal Items:  We do not provide a secure area for personal property.  The festival is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.  We suggest bringing knapsacks or fanny packs large enough to carry the items you will need for your shift.

First Aid:  First Aid services will be available on site.

Volunteer Kitchen:  We are happy to provide complimentary meals and refreshments to all our volunteers for each shift worked.  You may not have the opportunity to take a break for a meal during your shift, so plan to eat before or after.

Kitchen hours: TBA

Environmental Awareness: We are all responsible for keeping our festival grounds clean and support our Festival initiatives! Composting and recycling are available onsite so please dispose of your garbage in the appropriate receptacle. If possible utilize public transportation to commute to the festival.

Photos and Videos: All photos taken at the festival may be used for future promotional material.  By signing up as a volunteer you hereby give consent for the festival to use your photo.

Accessibility Standard for Customer Service: All volunteers must complete accessibility/customer service training before volunteering, as mandated by the province of Ontario. The purpose of this act is to increase awareness and services for people with disabilities. If you have already completed this training, you do not need to complete it again. It is available online at: www.mcss.gov.on.ca/en/serve-ability

The BeaverTails Ottawa Ice Dragon Boat Festival strives to create a safe and fair atmosphere for all and requires volunteers to adhere to the following Code of Conduct.

Please redirect any inquiries for statements to the press or media of any kind, coalition or lobbying efforts with other organizations, and any agreements involving contractual or other financial obligations to Festival Staff.

The BeaverTails Ottawa Ice Dragon Boat Festival will enforce a zero-tolerance policy with respect to the behaviors listed below. The Festival reserves the right to revoke on-site volunteer privileges, without notice, or to decline individuals from registering for future years if any of the following behaviors are observed while representing the festival:

  • Excessive use of cellphones/electronics for personal use, while on duty. We understand things may arise in your personal life, but please do not use your phone/electronics when duties are to be done
  • Consumption or possession of alcohol, intoxication, possession or use of drugs or illegal substances
  • Smoking in violation of City of Ottawa bylaw
  • Theft
  • Destruction of festival or park property
  • Charging or accepting money for any volunteer services, or self-promotion
  • Harassment
  • Failure to meet agreed upon objectives (not showing up for shifts, inability to complete duties, not checking in to volunteer tent & with Volunteer Leaders)
  • Engage in media or press statements
  • Insubordination or disrespect
  • Breach of confidentiality: relaying or misusing confidential information that can possibly result in any detriment to any participant of the festival.

Visit the Volunteer FAQ for answers to most of your volunteering questions.


How do I contact Volunteer Services if I have more questions?
You can contact the Volunteer Services Team at volunteer@dragonboat.net or by phone at 613-238-7711 x222.