Saturday, February 9th, 2019

3:30 PM

‘Calling All Friends’, the opening lyric to Ottawa indie band Welcome the Ghost’s inaugural release, perfectly encapsulates the makeup of former Amos the Transparent guitarist Mark Hyne’s new project. Recruiting long time friends Scott Peters (guitar), Erik Kristjansson (bass), and former bandmate Chris Wilson of Amos the Transparent (drums), Welcome the Ghost delivers a raw, yet emotional sonic experience influenced by artists such as Death Cab for Cutie, Pedro the Lion, R.E.M., and countless others.
Armed with bits and pieces of musical ideas that had accumulated over the last 15 years along with contributions from his friends and bandmates, Hyne locked himself in a Cabin in Deleage, Quebec for 7 days – with no human contact outside of a brief brainstorming session with bandmate Scott. He emerged with demos for the songs on that would become the band’s inaugural release; “What’s Left of the Rest of Us”. The record was mixed by Amos the Transparent frontman Jonathan Chandler, mastered by Brian Ruckstuhl of Shoebox Recording Studio, released in June 2018, and is gaining traction on college and university radio stations across Canada.

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