What Donna Cona Do

As a full service firm, Donna Cona provides its clients with sound business and technology advice, as well as comprehensive solutions tailored to their specific needs. We serve our clients with business planning; IT strategic planning; health services; program evaluation; custom application system development; technology architecture planning and implementation; IT operations and help desk support. Our reputation for quality of service and reliability has given our clients the confidence to entrust us with their mission critical problems regardless of scale, or location in Canada.

Donna Cona Are Aboriginal

Much more than just our name is Aboriginal. We are the largest Aboriginal-owned and -operated business and technology consulting service company in Canada. As a genuinely Aboriginal company, we have a real interest in creating a sustainable and diverse workforce made up of ambitious, professional and skilled men and women.

On a summer day in 1534, Jacques Cartier and Chief Donnacona met in a harbour at the mouth of what is now the St. Lawrence River. This meeting between the French explorer and the leader of the Iroquois people of Stadacona continues to shape the destiny of our country and its people.

Our company is also inspired by that historic encounter. We drew on the name of Donnacona when we founded our firm in 1996. More importantly, we aspire every day to live up to high qualities that embody the legacy of that great Aboriginal chief. Combined, these qualities set us apart from all other firms that offer business-management services and information-management technologies solutions in Canada.

Donna Cona’s Logo

Donna Cona’s corporate logo is the moon-silhouetted raven. The raven is found in many regions of Canada.

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